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  • Greg Birch is the principal of Birch Consulting and has thirty years of experience in municipal planning and management.

  • He has worked for a regional planning commission, a rural municipality and a mid-sized town, and has filled the roles of Development Officer, Planner, Assistant Municipal Manager and Chief Administrative Officer.

  • The bulk of his experience has been in land use planning, where he learned the importance of  collaboration with other municipalities and the federal and provincial governments to maximize success.

  • His work history also includes time in the private sector, working particularly with the oil and gas industry to obtain approval for large projects.

  • He spent two years in the agricultural sector where he gained valuable insight into farming and rural communities.

  • Because of the opportunities he has been given in the places he has worked, Greg has accumulated a range of experience that is unusually broad and diverse. This includes: socioeconomic impact assessments of oil and gas projects; market studies; municipal annexations; a variety of municipal planning documents and bylaws; policy development; groundbreaking wildlife corridors guidelines; complicated recreational trail developments; transfer of development credit (TDC) regulations; award-winning potable water projects; and cost-saving waste collection systems.​

  • Greg Birch has been a key member of teams winning the following major awards:

    • Premier’s Award of Excellence - Wildlife Corridor Project Team (1998)

    • G-8 Summit - Wildlife Corridor Protection (2002)

    • Consulting Engineers of Alberta - Award of Excellence, Water Resources and Energy Production (2013)

    • Canadian Consulting Engineering - Award of Excellence, Water Resources (2013)

  • Important to him are the pursuit of innovation and excellence. While some things are done the way they are because things are optimized and no change is necessary, we need to be looking for different and better ways of operating in order to seek constant improvement in a changing world environment. Further, if something is worth doing it should be done well, as quality stands the test of time.​

  • Through associations with other professionals and companies, Birch Consulting can take on projects with broader objectives or challenges. To see a list of associates click here

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