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What We Do - Training and On-site Support
  • MPC Member Training. Training can be provided to ensure that Municipal Planning Commission members understand the legislative framework within which they make their decisions. This can be especially helpful if there is a large turnover at the municipality’s organizational meeting.

  • Planning and Development Staff Training and Support. There are at least two ways Birch Consulting can be of assistance in this regard. First, we can support your existing staff on an on-site (or telephone call) basis, either on a regular schedule or as needed. Second, we can provide staff training to increase your internal capability.

  • S/DAB Support. Birch Consulting can provide an experienced S/DAB secretary if your municipality has no in-house experience or capacity.

  • Managerial Support. Municipalities may find themselves short-staffed at the managerial level due to temporary vacancies or a multitude of project demands. With a broad and extensive range of experience, Birch Consulting can provide short-term, on-site support until the position is filled or the work load returns to normal. This assistance can be at the CAO level or with the Planning and Development, Community Services, Public Works, Recreation or Protective Services Departments.

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