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What We Do - Municipal Management
  • Strategic Planning. Birch Consulting will work with council and administration to address your specific municipal situation, conducting a strategic planning process and providing a useful finished product - that includes the important implementation pieces - to help you move forward in a defined direction.

  • Policy and Procedure Development. Often municipal administrations cannot find the time to prepare the policies and procedures needed for effective municipal operation. However, the new MGA will make it more important for municipalities to have their practices formalized and in order, especially for such things as land use planning, public participation and codes of conduct.

  • Bylaw Preparation. As with policies and procedures, municipal administrations may have difficulty finding the time to think through and write some of the more complex bylaws that are needed; utility rate bylaws and traffic control bylaws serve as examples.

  • Emergency Preparedness. Another area where there is municipal responsibility but often little time for preparation is emergency management. Under Alberta’s Emergency Management Act, municipalities must have an emergency advisory committee as well as an emergency management agency that prepares emergency plans and programs (recognizing that there are opportunities for municipal collaboration in this regard). When was the last time you held a training exercise or updated your municipality’s emergency response plan?

  • Organizational Design. You may want to have a major organizational review or to obtain feedback on alternatives you are already considering. In either case, Birch Consulting will bring theory and experience to the issue, working with its associates on larger or more complex reviews.

  • Project Management. Undertaking a large capital project can also stress your municipal resources. Working independently or partnering with your municipal engineers, Birch Consulting can help manage a project for you, making sure it goes as planned and keeping track of the paperwork required for grant purposes.

  • Temporary Managerial Assistance. It can sometimes take time to hire good managerial staff and you may benefit from having an experienced person helping out rather than relying on stretched internal resources. Birch Consulting can provide managerial assistance on a casual or short term basis in the following areas: planning and development, community services, public works, recreation and protective services.

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